Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Far-right voices are frothing about a looming civil war

They apparently don't remember how well it went for them last time.


The backlash to the Trump administration caging immigrant children has led to store owners asking White House officials to not eat in their restaurants and to protesters publicly confronting those supporting Trump’s policies. Now, voices on the far-right are increasingly unified in their only solution to the matter: civil war.

While several far-right figures have been speculating about a looming U.S. break-up for some time, recent rhetoric is a marked escalation from even a few months ago, when certain historical illiterates were only calling for an “amicable divorce.”

Now, according to increasingly shrill analysts — and even certain members of Congress — a fratricidal war is the only potential fix for the United States’ domestic tensions.

What’s with these so-called ‘patriots’ calling for the breakup of America?

Glenn Reynolds, known colloquially as “Instapundit,” led the charge with a piece in USA Today earlier this week. Pointing to White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders being denied service in Virginia and protesters identifying Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant, Reynolds claimed that the administration officials’ inability to eat at certain restaurants was a sign that civil war was well underway.

“Is America headed toward a civil war? Sanders, Nielsen incidents show it has already begun,” his headline claimed. Added Reynolds, Sanders’ incident “seems like a small thing, but it would have been largely unthinkable a generation ago.”

Of course, a generation ago — the late 1960s and early 1970s — was marked by domestic unrest that outpaces what the U.S. is currently seeing by multiple magnitudes. Protesters gunned down at Kent State University, White House officials discussing fire-bombing think tanks in Washington, explosions across New York every other day — the level of domestic strife a generation ago significantly outpaces what we’ve seen recently, even with a humanitarian crisis unfurling along the U.S.’s southern border.

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