Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trump to Republicans in Congress: Never mind, wait on immigration until after the elections

Vox - All by Tara Golshan

Trump said on Twitter that Republicans should abandon immigration until after the midterms.
Trump just revealed how out of touch he is on the immigration fight in Congress.

President Donald Trump has blamed Congress over and over for the family separation crisis at the border, demanding they come up with a legislative fix. Then on Friday morning, he tweeted at Hill Republicans to stop “wasting” their time on an immigration bill until after the midterm elections.

Trump blamed Democrats for an embarrassing collapse inside the Republican conference on Thursday, when Republicans failed to get enough of their own members on board to pass their “compromise” immigration bill and delayed the vote yet again. They couldn’t get another more conservative bill off the ground either, which would have extended DACA while gutting the nation’s legal immigration system.

Trump claimed the problem is numbers, but the Republicans hold a majority in the House.

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