Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Progressives are blowing 2018 by dedicating too many resources to Russia story (egberto Willies) · Sunday, May 14, 2017, 9:06 pm

Russia is a critical story. But it’s not the story that affects America's dinner table, health, or financial well-being. Many of us in the liberal intelligentsia love the intricacies of this story. After all, who would believe that the Republican leadership would be so soft on their patriotism that they're willing to put their heads in the sand and play dumb?

Still, it would do progressives well to remember a few realities: 52 percent of white women and 81 percent of white evangelicals voted for the man who spoke about violating women, grabbing them by their genitals, and imposing his physicality on them as he disregarded their humanity.

The Trump voter knew that Trump had some relationship with the Russians. In fact, Fox News and Republicans were praising Vladimir Putin as a better leader than President Obama. The Trump voter saw a candidate who refused to criticize Putin, regardless  of whatever vile act he committed.

Donald Trump swindled Trump University students. He stiffed vendors, employees, and much more. The Trump voter heard all of that. But a large percentage of Americans have so had it with the establishment wings of both parties that enough of them stayed home or voted for Trump and gave him an electoral win.

Trump never had stellar poll numbers. But he did not need to be popular: he just needed the votes in the right places to win, and he got them.

In watching the hyperventilation on Russia, it is clear that progressives are repeating the same mistakes of the last several elections that have decimated the Democratic bench throughout the states and in the federal government. The people's party, the Democrats, are out of step with the people.


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