Thursday, May 25, 2017

28 Questions For Republicans Because Your Policies Make No Damned Sense To Me

May 23, 2017

Dear Republicans: Your cruel and reckless policies are terrifying millions of your fellow Americans and I’m trying to understand how you’re okay with this. Many of the planks from your party’s platform don’t even make sense from a conservative standpoint.

Can any Republicans out there please answer these questions?

1. Why are you outraged by Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, but not Donald Trump’s?

2. If the GOP’s policies create jobs and prosperity, why are the 20 poorest states (except for New Mexico) run by Republicans?
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@ihartchelle @ChelleMercedes @amber greene Most of the poorest states in America are @GOP #redstates & take more money from gov. #GOP only care 2 help #richgetricher
9:10 PM - 23 Apr 2017
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2a. If GOP lawmakers care about their constituents, why is the quality of life in GOP-run states worse by nearly every possible measure?

3. Do you think the government should protect you and your neighbors from a corporation poisoning your community’s drinking water? Or polluting our air? Or should companies have the freedom to do whatever’s most profitable for them?

4. In a free market, should groups of American workers have the right to pay organizations to represent their interests the way big corporations pay lobbyists and make campaign donations? If so, why are Republicans against unions?

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