Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Subject: The End of the Political Establishment. I sure hope so!

[A letter to the editor of one of the blogs I read. I don't agree with quite a bit of it, but there are some points to get you thinking about your own positions. ---Bozo]

Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 16:46:27
Thanks for your article and telling like it is! It's time for Washington to wake up. 

I'm college educated working for Chase bank. This firm has cut jobs and sent jobs and call centers overseas. They have outsourced IT jobs and lower skilled contractors jobs through third party vendors with no benefits or paid days off. Contractors get nothing and companies should be taxed hard for using them. But the bank is making money. They give paltry raises and top grade to only give big raises to the top. Executives get bonuses for reducing staff. My husband has a trade school degree and works for United Airlines. He worked for Continental airlines which was the better airline but a merger that should never have been allowed ruined a great airline. United is making big profits. But outlying areas took a $2 cut in pay. Why? Greed that's why! Corporations don't do the right things anymore. They don't care about their employees.

Let me add to your article:
- we send politicians to Washington who become corrupt and do nothing for us voters.
- we need term limits and to outlaw lobbyists
- We are tired of watching good paying jobs go overseas as Trump describes our political hacks negotiate our trade deals.
- we are tired of immigrants getting free everything.
- we are tired of the abuse of the disability welfare system. Everyone knows people that shouldn't be on disability and needs to get a job.
- we are tired of program after program in Washington DC eating up our money.
- we are tired of insurance companies having monopolies in each state protecting themselves to charge whatever they want. All insurance co should have to sell in 50 states.
- we are tired to sending countries that hate us money
- we want to see Muslims assimilate with our values and love of our country. I know some and they don't love our country. They need to go home. These are not the immigrants from 200 years ago who loved our country. 

We plain and simple are tired of politicians selling us a bill of goods. Anyone that sounds like a politician needs to take a hike. 

Thanks for speaking for many of us.
Mad voter.

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