Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A collection of political posters

Senate Republicans shut down government again.

This should be an interesting legal fight.

Trump's appeal isn't to people who have empathy

He may not be winning, but people are listening.

Rationale for term limits.

War is hell - kids die.

Lead in the water in Flint Michigan

Negative impact of the war on drugs.

George W Bush did NOT keep us safe.

Antonin Scalia was NOT a master of judicial intellect. He was an asshole.

Not clear on the concept.

Bernie Sanders in the fight for human rights

We've had asshole presidents before and survived them.

I have some decent human values, I think.

Right-to-work laws. 
Tricky Dick.

Theodore Roosevelt

A Trump presidency will be very, very entertaining.

None too bright.

Bernie Sanders on student loans.

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