Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thinking about atheism and religion

Raping is pretty cheap, as crimes go. Or do you think God was wrong when he said this?

God said it was okay to own slaves (according to the Bible), so why do we get so offended over the idea today? Did God do something wrong?

Some things God DIDN'T invent, at least according to those who know him best (in their own minds).

If you don't understand, call it - something else.

Why we have religion according to Jon Stewart.

Why doesn't God show up once in a while if we are so important to him?

Do you believe in the Bible - do you understand the Bible - do you live the Bible?

William S Burroughs highlights his experience in dealing with religious people.

How does one define a day via biblical teachings?

Jimmy Carter on the use of religion to abuse women

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