Thursday, June 21, 2012

Acerbic political imagery

The Presidential candidates' opinions on Planned Parenthood.

On being part of the 1%.

The banker-elites let you know how to be a good citizen.

Understanding why differing classes vote Republican.

Some Tea Party folks still arguing that we should have their God (not YOUR God) run the country.

In the heartland, they don't want global warming to exist, so they just close their eyes to it.

Swat teams move against American women.

North Carolina argues against gay cousins marrying.

Tea Party wants to take America back.

Tea Party t-shirt advocates against Social Security being run by the government.

Tea Party t-shirt advocates hunting the poor for sport.

Tea Party t-shirt argues for harvesting orgams from illegal immigrants.

Tea Party t-shirt continues the birtherisms. 

Tea Party t-shirt on Obama and gays.

Fox News is proud to distort the news.

Uncle Sam want you to be Americans first, party members second.

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