Saturday, June 30, 2012

Acerbic political images and commentary

Make a note - Republicans only mean what they say when it applies to THEIR morals and beliefs - not yours.

How we redistribute money in America - remembering that Republican friends now control many of the privatized prisons around the country.

Describing the advantage in electing a Democrat.

R"money" - manufacturing his own truths in order to get elected.

Tea Party - they've cornered the market on stupid.

The conservatives in the U.S. like to push ignorance and name calling.

If you're a Bible thumper and you don't believe this, you're already a hypocrite.

A comment on the constitution of the U.S.

The shady bunch - featuring liars and fear mongers.

Comparing the cost of educating a child vs. the cost of incarcerating a child

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