Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why we have unions

(I ripped the following from another web site, but I'm not providing the source - it's not a site that most of you will want to visit.)

Before unions, before collective bargaining, before the standard week and overtime, before labor laws of any sort, when it was perfectly acceptable to put 11 years old boys down in a coal mine 6 days a week, this was the kind of shit that spawned the labor movements here and around the world and the thing that corporatist republicans have been fighting to kill since day fucking one. All of the this shit we take totally for granted was once the strict domain of socialist, radicals and communist and every fucking step of the way there was some "Conservative" fucktard telling anyone who would listen that implementing these things would kill their profits, kill their industry and kill the country,,,,,they were wrong EVERY FUCKING TIME.

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