Saturday, March 12, 2011

More on Wisconsin from Daily Kos...

It's becoming increasingly obvious that the Republican rescission of bargaining rights in Wisconsin was a pyhrric victory for the plutocrats, as it has energized not only labor activists, but folks from all across the political spectrum who are beginning to see the true colors of the Republican Party. As E.D. Kain wrote in Forbes yesterday (yeah, Forbes):

Governors like Scott Walker, Rick Scott, and Jan Brewer are riding on the coattails of the Tea Party, but they’ve become blind to the dangers of their radical policies.
In Wisconsin, Democrats are already promising to step-up recall efforts. But the recalls are only a small part of what is likely going to be a huge anti-Republican backlash across the nation, as working Americans finally realize what that party actually stands for: an playing field heavily tilted toward the rich and powerful, toward corporate power, and against worker rights.

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