Friday, June 15, 2007

Did You Know - Not Doing So Well

The War on Terror/Battle in Iraq/Fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way still isn't going so well. I read one opinion piece recently that I think sort of summed up the difficulty we are having in Iraq. According to the author, whose name escapes me, we could win the war if we were willing to bomb the crap out of everyone and everything in Iraq until we had leveled the place to a point where there were few enough citizens and resources that they were manageable. As long as we value human life and try to protect the innocents - non-combatants and children - we are going to have an un-winnable war. As long as we inhabit their country, the innocents will mature to the point of becoming our enemies.

Please understand - I'm not advocating that we blow Iraq to Kingdom Come - nor was the author of this sentiment - the argument simply clarifies that Iraq is un-winnable short of blasting the country out of existence.

From the Raw Story...

On Sunday, CNN showed bodies laid out in an Iraq courtyard for wailing relatives to reclaim, reporting that "for over a year, there's been little or no room in Baghdad's morgues."

The "surge" plan did appear to be reducing sectarian killings in March and April, as the militias laid low, but now, as reported by the Washington Post in late May, the number of murders is nearly back to pre-surge levels. Almost 750 bodies were found last month, many of them showing signs of torture.

An Iraqi police colonel explained to CNN that "the killings will continue as long as the security forces remain on the outskirts of neighborhoods. Few Iraqi police dare to enter inside the most dangerous areas."

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