Thursday, June 14, 2007

Did You Know - Lurita Doan

Sigh. Just proof of one more act of criminal behavior on the part of the Republicans in the administration.

General Services Administration chief Lurita Doan’s unapologetic response to a report that found she violated the Hatch Act underscores the need to fire her, Special Counsel Scott Bloch writes in a June 8 letter to President Bush.

“I recommend that Administrator Doan be disciplined to the fullest extent for her serious violation of the Hatch Act and insensitivity to cooperating fully and honestly in the course of our investigation,” Bloch says.

That letter goes beyond Bloch’s recommendations in the widely publicized report. Although Bloch avoids explicitly calling for Bush to fire Doan, disciplining her “to the fullest extent” would include that step, since the penalty for violating the Hatch Act is often removal. The act bars federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity at work.

From Federal Times.

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