Sunday, October 01, 2006

Political Rant

Just a couple of comments after reviewing the news today...

A rather large group of Congress people will probably all get medals of freedom from the President for covering up for a fellow Congressman for his acts of pedophilia. First Congress refuses to submit real legislation to stop their immoral activities in accepting bribes from lobbyists (no Congressional reform), now they hide the fact that one of their own was recruiting young boys for sex. And this is somehow not as bad as Bill Clinton having sex with an intern who was of age? Not only are these people assholes, they are hypocritical assholes.

Congressional Republicans, in a vote in the wee small hours of the morning, passed legislation to stop credit card companies from making payments to foreign gambling web sites. I still don't get their fascination with controlling everyone else's morals. They can accept bribes, solicit 16-year-old page boys for sex and lie to us repeatedly about the need for a war against a country not a threat to us, then lecture us on morality. Bungholes! Hell is too good for these bastards.

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