Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Stay the Course?"

I've been intrigued, of late, by George Bush's hammering away at the Iraq war with his now-famous quote, "We'll stay the course." It is so simple and pure in it's design. It reflects a simple minded approach, of course, but I'm sure it appeals to like-minded simpletons.

Such a direct approach to any issue pretty much precludes the notion that there can be discussion of the issue - and it pretty much precludes giving much thought to modifying your position. I don't think that there's any one right answer to our problems in the Iraq war, but it sure seems like we need to consider some alternatives. Staying the course isn't doing much for us.

Should we send more troops and really smother the country? Should we work harder to negotiate with the Sunnis and the Shiites to find resolution to the major issues? Should we withdraw and let them all work it out? I have kept an open mind as I listen to proposals.

But the one thing I do know - "staying the course" is not working and we need to try something else.

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