Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The new civil war...

Now that Alex Jones is predicting a Second Civil War started by Democrats on July 4 ...

Alex Jones
BREAKING: Democrats Plan To Launch Civil War On July 4th
11:39 AM - Jul 3, 2018
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... Twitter has responded in two ways

1. Figuring out what to bring/wear to the barbeque
John Scalzi
 2.REMINDER: We are carpooling to the civil war tomorrow. NO SINGLE DRIVERS. Honestly, if we can't wage war AND conserve energy, who even are we. 
Oh, and Sandy can't bring brownies, someone else will have to step up. NO NUTS, please.

Don’t forget the code word #CivilWar #civilwarpotluck pic.twitter.com/YhzqGBVqbP


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