Saturday, July 22, 2017

“Clinton sold uranium to Russian” (A quote from a wackadoo this morning … ):

This has been running around for a while, and is part of the efforts to debunk or trivialize the Trump-Russia connection.

The allegation is that somehow Hillary Clinton, all by herself, sold or gave 20% of the US’ uranium reserves to the Russians for a donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Let’s spend a brief moment deconstructing the levels of crazy here.

1. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton couldn’t sell or give away assets of the United States. She didn’t have the authority. (That belongs to Congress.) No one in charge of the U.S. uranium stockpile would go, “oh, this has Hillary’s signature, load ‘er up boys!” It’s just not how it works.

2. 20% of US uranium is a lot. It’s not something one casually moves about in a shipping trailer. The notion that any such operation could take place without vast planning and organization involving dozens of agencies ranging from national security to police departments, is just ridiculous. Had any such thing happened, it would not have been in secret. It couldn’t have been.

3. Umm, why would the Russians need to buy or acquire our uranium? They have vast amounts of it. In fact, there’s a worldwide glut of the stuff: it’s available cheaply. So even if they were running short they could get it without risking a confrontation with the United States.

But Trump alleged it about a Clinton, and since all the wackadoos know the Clintons are Satan with a smile, the wackadoos parrot the nonsense. In any case, neither facts nor logic are going to dissuade their fantasy lives from being fully lived.

Trump-Russia isn’t normal. It isn’t comparable to ordinary politics and usual. No matter what the wackadoos say.


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