Thursday, June 01, 2017

Walden's GunFail

Twenty-one of 65 guns discovered by TSA agents in carry-on luggage at airports across the country, during the week of March 20-26, 2017.
Twenty-one of 65 guns discovered by TSA agents in carry-on luggage at airports across the country, during the week of March 20-26, 2017.
Interesting. We’re on to the week of March 19th in our endless pursuit of catching up on GunFAIL, and for the first time in recent memory, the leading category for the week is not the number of people who accidentally shot themselves. Unfortunately, though, it’s the number of kids who were accidentally shot. Nineteen kids were accidentally injured by gunfire from March 19-26, and sixteen people accidentally shot themselves during that time. Of course, some of these accidents count under both categories. Worse still, some of them also count among the 15 fatalities from gun accidents, as well. In fact, six minors were killed in gun accidents during the week, ages 2, 4, 8, 11, 13 and 16.
Among the week’s more bizarre incidents—as our title indicates—we had an accidental discharge in a public library in Fairbanks, AK. And curiously, nobody was willing to take the rap for it. A library patron was shot, but nobody was willing to say they had the gun, or saw anyone else who did. We also had an aspiring gunsmith in Pierce Co., WA who accidentally injured himself when a shotgun he’d aspired to smith apparently aspired to be a bomb instead, and exploded in his hands.
In Deltona, FL, another super-dexterous 3-year-old somehow managed to fire one of those guns they’re not strong enough to pull the trigger on. Luckily, no one was hurt this time. Remarkable, given that car in which both the child and the gun had been left was in the local elementary school parking lot at dismissal time. And in Houston, TX, a man who believed he’d heard an intruder breaking into his home grabbed his gun and accidentally shot his girlfriend. She’ll be OK. Not sure about their relationship. And alas, no further word on any intruder.
There are several more remarkable stories below the fold, mixed in with the usual assortment of the mundane, the idiotic, and the tragic. I guess I’ll never get completely used to it.
  1. WAGNER, SD, 3/19/17: An accidental shooting killed a 11-year-old Wagner boy Sunday, officials say. Officials with the Charles Mix County Sheriff’s office confirmed they responded to an incident of a shooting involving a juvenile between Lake Andes and Marty. Officials ruled it accidental. According to an obituary from Crosby Jaeger Funeral Home, 11-year-old Landon Martin died of an accident on March 19. No other information was available. The obituary states that Martin was the son of Colleen Martin and was born in 2005 in Winner. The sixth-grader at Wagner Community School was a “very bright young man,” the obituary states, and enjoyed football, hunting, fishing and his football cards. Funeral services for Martin will take place at 10 AM Thursday at the United Methodist Church in Wagner.
  2. HAMMOND, IN, 3/19/17: A 52-year-old Chicago man accidentally shot himself Sunday while sitting in his car outside the Cabela's sporting goods store off the Borman Expressway, police said. Hammond police were called to the parking lot about 5:45 PM, Lt. Steve Kellogg said. The man suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and was taken to a local trauma center for treatment, police said. Police did not have an update Monday on the man's condition.
  3. ROCHESTER, NY, 3/19/17: The Rochester Police Department says a man has died in what they believe to be an accidental shooting that took place on Sunday. Police say they were called to Orange Street for reports of a person shot. They say the man had died by the time they arrived at the scene. Police are still working to determine what may have caused the accident and are continuing their investigation at this time.
  4. BATON ROUGE, LA, 3/19/17: A small child was shot Sunday morning, according to investigators. The Baton Rouge Police Department reported detectives began investigating the reported shooting around 11 AM. BRPD reported the shooting was accidental and the 5-year-old victim shot herself. When asked if there were going to be any charges against the parents of the child, detectives said they were unsure at this time. Sources said the child is currently being treated at Our Lady of the Lake. The condition of the child is unknown at the moment. Earlier reports indicted the victim was two years old, but those were later updated and officials said the victim is at least five years old.
  5. COLLINSVILLE, MS, 3/19/17: An accidental shooting in Collinsville hospitalized a man with non-fatal injuries early Sunday morning after a group of men passed around a loaded gun. The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department responded to a home on the 11100 block of Hill Thompson Road, Collinsville, shortly after 2 AM Sunday, Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun said. Calhoun said the men were showing each other their guns in the residence and one forgot the check the loaded gun when it was passed back to him. The man didn't realize the chamber of the gun, which operated similar to a Glock, had been pulled back. When he attempted to pull the trigger to check the gun it went off, accidentally shooting another man in the back. The man went to a local hospital and had surgery and is in stable condition, Calhoun said.
  6. CHICO, CA, 3/19/17: A Chico man was arrested Sunday after the police said he unintentionally fired his rifle, striking a 4-year-old in the leg who was playing in a neighboring yard. Ronald Cameron, 22, was cleaning his .22-caliber rifle about 5:50 PM in the 2600 block of Lobo Way when his finger “brushed up against the trigger causing the rifle to discharge a round into the back fence,” according to a press release issued by the Chico Police Department. The round struck the child in an adjacent backyard on La Bella Court, according to the release. The child, who was hit in the upper leg, was taken to Enloe Medical Center for treatment. The child suffered non-life threatening injuries and was later released from the hospital. Cameron, who police said was not initially aware that his errant round had hit anyone, was arrested on suspicion of negligent discharge of a firearm, according to the release. His rifle was also seized.
  7. DETROIT, MI, 3/20/17: A 14-year-old boy has allegedly been shot by his 10-year-old brother on Detroit's east side. Detroit police are calling it an accident in the 13000 block of Pfent Street near Seven Mile and Gratiot. It appears that the two were playing with guns inside the house, which were put away but unsecured in the closet. One of the guns, a shotgun was loaded. The 10-year-old accidentally shot his brother, wounding him in the abdomen. He is in critical condition, but undergoing surgery tonight. The boys were home with their grandparents when the incident occurred at about 7:15 PM Monday. The 10-year-old is with Child Protective Services tonight. "They were in a safe place, they boys started messing around and got the guns out," said Capt. Eric Decker, Detroit police. "Unfortunately one of the guns was loaded.  A 10-year-old pulled the trigger, and unfortunately shot his brother."
  8. HANOVER TOWNSHIP, PA, 3/20/17: A 27-year-old Whitehall Township man was accidentally shot in his left arm by another man clearing his 9-mm semiautomatic handgun, Pennsylvania State Police said. State police in Bethlehem said Danny Berou at 10 AM Monday was shot by a 28-year-old man clearing his gun inside a 2013 Mercedes. The shooting took place while the car was parked in the 1800 block of Sherwood Street in Hanover Township, Lehigh County, police said. Berou suffered non life-threatening injuries and was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg. Police did not name the shooter, citing a continuing investigation. State police Sgt. Matt Tremba said the pair are co-workers and foul play is not suspected. The shooter is yet to be charged. State police are investigating the incident as a reckless endangerment case.
  9. PHOENIX, AZ, 3/20/17: Phoenix police say a mother arrested after her 2-year-old son picked up her loaded hangun and shot his 9-year-old brother told investigators she previously allowed the toddler to practice pulling the trigger of the gun when it was unloaded. The brief police statement about what 28-year-old Wendy Lavarnia reportedly said Monday about her 2-year-old son previously handling the gun is included in a probable cause statement filed with court officials for her initial court appearance. According to Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Reda Bigler, the 9-year-old boy was shot in the head just before 3 PM near 35th Avenue and Cactus Road. A Phoenix Police Department spokesman said the child was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. Tuesday evening police said the child, identified as Landen Lavarnia, had died from his injuries. Police say there were three other children in the home at the time with their mother. Lavarnia's mother told officials that she placed the loaded gun on the bed near her 2-year-old and 4-year-old sons, and went to retrieve a holster. When she returned, she saw that her 2-year-old child was holding the gun and the 9-year-old victim had been shot. Lavarnia's 1-year-old daughter was also in the home at the time of the shooting. A man who pulled up to the scene asking police officers "What happened to my kid?" was placed in handcuffs. Officials on the scene confirmed the man is the child's father, and later identified him as 31-year-old Kansas Lavarnia. Authorities said the incident remains under investigation. Wendy was booked into jail on four counts of child abuse for endangering her children with the loaded gun. Kansas was booked into jail on one count of being a prohibited possessor of a gun in the home. Police spokesman Sgt. Vince Lewis said investigators were looking into additional charges against the parents.
  10. DELTONA, FL, 3/20/17: A Florida woman was arrested Monday after a 3-year-old boy fired her loaded gun inside a vehicle in the parking lot of an elementary school. According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Department, 30-year-old Abbie Maldonado of Deltona, Florida, had the 3-year-old with her Monday afternoon when she drove to the Good Shepherd Academy located on Howland Boulevard in Deltona to pick up her son from school. Maldonado got out of her vehicle to walk around and left the boy unsecured in the back of the vehicle with the rear passenger door propped open so that she could keep an eye on the child. Maldonado told deputies that she was walking in the parking lot with some other parents when she heard a loud bang, but didn’t immediately realize it was a gunshot. She then went to the vehicle to check on the boy and then she walked around the parking lot some more. Maldonado said that she later returned to the vehicle and took the child into the school to go to the bathroom, but still did not realize anything was wrong. When she returned to her vehicle again, she heard the sound of glass crackling and that’s when she realized the front driver’s side window was shattered. Maldonado then went to the front of the church to see if anyone had seen someone by her vehicle. When she returned to the vehicle again, she noticed that her loaded gun wasn’t in the driver’s side door pocket where she had left it but on the front seat.  It was later discovered that the bullet shattered the window and was lodged in the door frame. No one was injured in the shooting. After checking the child for injuries, she went inside to report the incident to the school. The shooting was then reported to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in a 911 call. “Nobody’s hurt, but we had a parent that has a concealed weapon permit and a child got a hold of it and pulled the trigger,” the caller said. Deputies began arriving to the school at 3:45 PM, and later arrested Maldonado on a felony charge of child neglect. Maldonado told deputies that she normally keeps the gun locked in the trunk. "We are thankful to God that no one was injured," Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Academy wrote in a statement. "We coordinated our response with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and corrective action was taken. This is a reminder that accidents do happen and we encourage everyone to exercise caution and extra responsibility especially on school grounds where so many children are present. We encourage parents to never leave children unattended in a vehicle. Any suspected violation of Florida gun statutes on school property will be immediately reported by Good Shepherd Academy to Volusia County Sheriff’s Office."
  11. FELLSMERE, FL, 3/21/17: A teen has been airlifted to a hospital after being shot in what the Indian River County Sheriff's Office is calling a hunting accident. The incident happened around 3 PM near 134th Court and 99th Street in Fellsmere. Gustavo Severino, according to his aunt, was the 15-year-old boy shot in a hunting accident in Fellsmere. Jasmine Severino says her 15-year-old nephew was with another 15-year-old relative and a 15-year-old friend in a orchard hunting, when the friend accidentally shot Gustavo in the leg Tuesday afternoon. He was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando where she says he underwent surgery late Tuesday afternoon. He's expected to survive. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is leading this investigation since its considered a hunting accident. The only animal in season, FWC says, is turkey. We’re told the gun that was used in the shooting was a rifle, but investigators won't reveal what kind. It's not clear what led up to the shooting, and where exactly Gustavo was shot and who called for help. Agents on scene say, so far, no one has been arrested or cited but that could change. The FWC also said, in general, three teenagers hunting without an adult would be breaking the law.
  12. ROBERTSON CO., KY, 3/21/17: No charges have been filed since a 4-year-old boy died after finding and firing a gun in a truck in Robertson County, police said Thursday. The Kentucky State Police investigation remains open, trooper David Jones said Thursday. Jacob Brockman died at Meadowview Regional Medical Center in Maysville shortly after the shooting about 11:20 AM Tuesday, Mason County Coroner David Lawrence told the Ledger Independent. The boy was shot in the head. “This is a horrible and sad situation,” Lawrence said to the Ledger Independent. “The preliminary determination is, it is a probable accidental gunshot wound that caused his death.” “There were reports that the child got into a truck on his own, and the family heard a ‘pop’ and went to investigate,” the Ledger-Independent reported. An autopsy was scheduled. Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Fox TV station WXIX reported relatives said the gun belonged to an uncle of the boy. MORE: Relatives said the gun belonged to his uncle, who is a police officer. It was inside of a truck.
  13. CANA, VA, 3/21/17: A nine-year-old girl was wounded in a shooting Tuesday night in Carroll County. Sheriff J. B. Gardner says the girl's injuries did not appear to be life threatening. Gardner said deputies were called to a home on Wards Gap Road in the Cana area around 10:00 Tuesday night. The girl had wounds in her right arm and left hand. Investigators said they were told the family was cleaning a gun at the time of the incident. Investigators say they later determined a juvenile sibling was cleaning a 9mm handgun when it went off. The girl is in a hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  14. DAYTON, OH, 3/21/17: A woman charged with reckless homicide for shooting and killing he fiance Tuesday night made her first court appearance Friday. The victim, 32-year-old Peter Underwood, lived in the home on Claggett Drive where the shooting occurred. Jessica L. Grieco, 33, told a 911 dispatcher she accidentally shot her fiance while she was attempting to unload a gun to prevent her fiance from committing suicide UPDATE @ 11:02 AM (March 24, 2017): Jessica Grieco appeared in Vandalia Municipal Court on a charge of reckless homicide, a third degree felony. Grieco did not enter a plea and did not have a lawyer. A judge set her bond at $50,000 cash or surety. If she can come up with 10 percent of that, she can be put on home electronic monitoring. FIRST REPORT Six hours after a Harrison Twp. woman frantically told a 911 dispatcher she accidentally shot her supposedly suicidal fiance, she was arrested. The next day, she was charged with reckless homicide. Jessica L. Grieco, 33, called 911 at about 6:30 PM Tuesday and told dispatchers she shot Peter Underwood, 32, at their home on Claggett Drive in Harrison Twp. “He’s shot in the chest. Get here now!” Grieco yelled. “He’s going to die!” Underwood died of a shotgun wound to the chest, according to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office, which completed the autopsy Wednesday morning. The coroner ruled Underwood's death a homicide. Grieco repeatedly yelled, “Oh my God!” and said: “I tried to unload it. It went off because he was trying to commit suicide earlier. I had to take a rope from him earlier,” she said in the call, which the Dayton Daily News obtained through a public records request. Grieco said the shooting was an accident and that the gun was sitting still on scene. The dispatcher told the woman to keep pressure on Underwood’s wound. At one point in the call, there’s a noise that sounds like dishes being knocked on the floor. Grieco remains in the Montgomery County Jail. Emergency crews were dispatched to the single-family home at 6:27 p.m. Tuesday after the 911 call. She was booked into the jail at 12:30 AM Wednesday. “It’s totally shocking," said Shawn Kauffman, a neighbor in the area near Northridge High School. “This neighborhood is quiet.” A woman later was seen crying in a police cruiser. “You hear occasional arguments but you don’t think something like this is going to happen,” Kauffman said. According to the incident report, photos, a projectile bullet/casing, blood and a weapon were among the evidence from the shooting. “It scares me because, like I said, you never know in this neighborhood,” neighbor Ronda Williams said. “I’m scared to even come out at nighttime.” At the end of the five-minute 911 call, the woman can be heard telling a deputy, “I was trying to take the bullet out of his gun …”
  15. GARY, IN, 3/21/17: A Gary man faces a charge of reckless homicide after an Indianapolis man was fatally shot Tuesday in Gary, according to police. Damon Guy Hill, 21, is in custody, and in addition to the homicide charge, he also faces a second felony in Lake County court for criminal recklessness, Lt. Thomas Pawlak said in a release. Police were called at 7:30 PM to the 2500 block of Tyler Street, where a woman said her nephew, 18-year-old Corey Brazelton, and her son had been outside playing with a gun when the gun went off, according to Pawlak. Brazelton was shot once in the chest, the release states. Hill transported him to Methodist Hospital Northlake in Gary, where he was declared dead about 8:10 PM the same day, according to the release.
  16. DES MOINES, IA, 3/22/17: Police are investigating after receiving a report that a man shot himself in the leg. It happened around 6:45 AM Wednesday at a home in the 100 block of E. 29th Court, near the Fairgrounds. Police say they received a call about a man who told them he shot himself in the leg. A neighbor told Channel 13 that the man was able to walk outside of the home to an ambulance. Police say the shooting was an accident.
  17. TUSCALOOSA, AL, 3/22/17: A man who told police that someone had shot him in the leg later admitted that he accidentally shot himself, investigators said Thursday. The man, 19, told officers that someone shot him while in the 4700 block of 22nd Street Wednesday night, said Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit assistant commander Capt. Kip Hart. His injury wasn't life-threatening. He later told investigators that he accidentally shot himself, Hart said. Officers recovered the gun.
  18. FAIRBANKS, AK, 3/22/17: Fairbanks police are searching for a person of interest after an 18-year-old man was struck by a stray bullet while sitting inside the Noel Wien Library Wednesday afternoon. The incident was initially reported to firefighters as a cell phone charger that had exploded after being plugged into an outlet. But when medics arrived, they found the victim’s injury was actually a gunshot wound and requested a police response. Police say the victim was sitting at a library table working on a laptop when the bullet “ricocheted off a wall and access panel before entering and exiting his right forearm.” According to FPD Officer Doug Welborn, the bullet was a pistol caliber round that appears to have been fired from inside the building. However, no witnesses reported seeing a firearm, police say. “A firearm was not observed nor were there any reports of disputes between the victim and anyone inside the library. Witnesses did report hearing a possible gunshot prior to the event,” police wrote in a statement. Another person, described by police as an African American man, was sitting at the opposite end of the victim’s table at the time of the shooting. Police say the man checked on the victim after he was struck, but left the scene before paramedics arrived. “Police are attempting to identify this person of interest,” FPD wrote. “He was described as an African American male in his 20s, stocky with possible dread locks and a beard. The man was said to be wearing a blue sweatshirt.” Police say surveillance footage has been obtained and the investigation is ongoing.
  19. EL PASO, TX, 3/22/17: A 16-year-old girl was killed in what appears to be an accidental shooting, according to police. Investigators were called out to the 400 block of Hardy Circle near Dulany Avenue Wednesday just after 3:30 AM. The 16-year-old girl and and 18-year-old identified as Victory Lago-Elama were in possession of a handgun. During the handling of the gun, it discharged, striking the teen, police said. She was taken to University Medical Center where she died. Police will release the girl’s identity when next of kin is notified. Lago-Elama was arrested for an outstanding aggravated robbery case and is not facing charges at this time related to the shooting, according to police. Lago-Elama was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on the outstanding warrant.
  20. HOUSTON, TX, 3/22/17: Two teens are dead after loading and unloading a gun early Wednesday morning in south Houston, police say. The victims were identified as 17-year-old Jordan Coleman, a senior at Worthing High School in Sunnyside, and 19-year-old Alfred Harris. Around 12:45 AM, Coleman and Harris were inside of their apartment in the 4000 block of Corder, where they were loading and unloading a semi-automatic pistol and checking its safety. As both teens held the pistol, it accidentally discharged and a bullet hit Coleman. The pistol then discharged again, and hit Harris, according to police. Both youths were transported to a nearby hospital where they were pronounced dead. Grief counselors will be on site at Worthing today, said a Houston ISD spokeswoman. A phone call and a letter will also be sent out to families of students who attend the high school. Houston police are continuing to investigate the shootings.
  21. WHITNEY, TX, 3/23/17: The Hill County Sheriff's Office is investigating after an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed Thursday night. The sheriff's office received a call about 8:20 PM in reference to a gunshot victim in the 200 block of FM 1534. Officers with the Whitney Police Department arrived on the scene just minutes later. "Medical personnel arrived shortly after and determined the victim was deceased," according to a press release. Justice of the Peace Shane Brassell pronounced the girl dead at the scene. The sheriff's office said the girl was shot in the head. "Preliminary reports indicate the incident may be an accidental discharge of the weapon," the sheriff's office said. The girl was a second grader at Whitney Elementary School. Additional counselors were made available at Whitney Elementary and Whitney Intermediate Schools for students who needed them. Whitney ISD released the following statement: "We are devastated to learn about the loss of a second grader from Whitney Elementary and extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family. Additional counselors and support will be available to meet the needs of our students and staff. Please keep the family and our Whitney ISD community in your thoughts and prayers." No arrests were made at the scene, and the sheriff's office said they are not seeking any additional people at this time who may be involved in the incident. The sheriff's office did not release the name of the girl or the people involved in the incident. Judge Brassell ordered an autopsy. The investigation continues. The family has asked for privacy as they prepare for the funeral. But, the Whitney community has done their best to honor the little girl's life. "Yesterday evening around 8:20 PM we received a call of an alleged accidental shooting in the 200 block of FM 1534." That gun shot killed eight-year-old Makenzi instantly. An autopsy has been ordered, but there are still very few details about what exactly happened. "As of this time, we believe it to be accidental, but we are continuing the investigation," Hill County Sheriff Rodney Watson said. Makenzi was a second grader at Whitney Elementary School. The school district was notified of her passing late Thursday night. So this morning… "The counselors met with the classes and talked to the kids about what happened with Makenzi," Gene Solils, the Superintendent of Whitney ISD, said. A little over 100 second graders gathered together and wrote notes to Makenzi and drew pictures of their time together. Some even wrote they hope she has fun in Heaven with God and Jesus. "She's a sweet kid, and we're gonna miss her. And we are gonna pull together as a family. That's one thing I'll say about this community, when something like this happens, they come together so it's a good place to be," Solis added. In light of the tragedy, Hill County Sheriff's Office wants to remind all gun owners to… "...make sure they're aware of where their guns are and that ammunition is separate from the gun. If there's any young children around, absolutely do not leave a gun laying around or somewhere where they may get to it," Sheriff Watson added. Makenzi's teacher said she will never forget her giving spirit and plans to hold on to a painted rock Makenzi gave her for Christmas.
  22. KILLEEN, TX, 3/23/17: A ruling in what evidently was an accidental shooting that claimed the life of a 13-year-old Central Texas boy is pending, according to a preliminary autopsy report released Tuesday. Family friends identified the victim Tuesday as Joseph Manuel Claudio Colón and said the teenager was shot while he and another boy played with a shotgun at the other boy's home. The shooting was reported just after 6:15 PM last Thursday at a home in the 800 block of Green Avenue in Killeen. Officers found Colón lying on the floor with a gunshot wound and started to perform first aid until paramedics arrived, police spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said. The teenager was taken to Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center he died. A parent and another child were in the house at the time of the shooting, Miramontez said. A GoFundMe account has been established to help the family with funeral expenses.
  23. SCOTTSDALE, AZ, 3/23/17: Police have arrested a man after he accidentally shot his co-worker at a Scottsdale shopping center. It happened between 9 PM and 10 PM Thursday at Pro Source Vapes located at the shopping center at 15223 N. 87th St., located along Pima Road between Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Raintree Drive. The Scottsdale Police Department spokesman Sgt. Kevin Watts said 28-year-old Taylor William Eberle was arrested Friday after investigators determined he shot a co-worker in the face Thursday evening at the store located along north 87th Street. Eberle and the victim were in the store with other employees, said Watts, most of whom where armed with guns. They were, "engaging in reckless behavior waving and point their guns at each other," said Watts. At some point, Eberle pointed his rifle at the victim's face and the gun discharged. The unidentified victim reportedly is in serious but stable condition. Eberle is being charged with suspicion of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct with a weapon.
  24. BATES TOWNSHIP, MI, 3/23/17: The Michigan State Police Iron Mountain Post is investigating an accidental fatal shooting that took place in Bates Township last Thursday. According to their investigation, a 20-year-old woman suffered a fatal gunshot wound. Her name is being withheld at this time at the request of the family. The investigation is ongoing. At this time, police believe the incident was an accidental shooting.
  25. PIERCE CO., WA, 3/23/17: A homemade shotgun built by an aspiring gunsmith exploded Thursday near Little Mashel Falls and hurt two people, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. Several people called 911 about 3:45 PM to report a possible shooting on the Eatonville trail off Alder Cutoff Road East. Sheriff’s deputies responded but couldn’t find a victim or anyone who saw a shooting. One witness reported seeing a man with an injured face who asked her not to call police. Later, officials at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup notified deputies of a possible shooting victim who came in seeking treatment, and deputies spoke with the 20-year-old and his friends. They all said the shooting, which was videotaped, was accidental. A recording showed the aspiring gunsmith take a 12-gauge shell and remove the shot inside before replacing it with powder from a 20-gauge shell, sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. When he fired the gun, it exploded in his hands. Part of the shotgun fell into the river. The young man told investigators he was trying to obtain a gunsmith license from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. He apparently welded together the  shotgun himself and was testing a new stock Thursday. The man told deputies he’d fired the weapon before without malfunction. The explosion injured his face and burned his shoulder. It also injured the hip of a 21-year-old man standing next to him when the shotgun exploded.
  26. HOUSTON, TX, 3/24/17: Police say a homeowner attempting to shoot an alleged home invasion suspect accidentally shot his girlfriend instead. The incident happened Friday night at a home off of I-10 near Silber Road in west Houston. Police say the homeowner heard someone breaking into his home, so he grabbed his gun and opened fire, striking his girlfriend. The woman was transported to the hospital and is expected to recover from her injuries. It is unknown at this time whether the homeowner will face charges.
  27. GARFIELD, NJ, 3/24/17: A 60-year-old Garfield man who accidentally shot himself in the leg late Thursday afternoon was charged with pot and paraphernalia possession, police said Friday. Responding police officers and detectives began rendering aid to the MacArthur Avenue man, who sustained a non-critical wound in the incident in his home just after 5 PM, Police Chief Raymond Kovach told Daily Voice. He was later taken to an area hospital. "It was determined as a result of the investigation that the discharge was accidental," Capt. Darren Sucorowski said Friday. The investigation was continuing, he said.
  28. FAIRFIELD, CT, 3/24/17: A Bridgeport man reaching for his wallet accidentally shot himself in the buttocks on Friday night, police said. Michael Southmayd, told police he was dining with his family at Tazza on Post Road when his firearm discharged around 8:30 PM. Police said the man somehow took his firearm from a holster and pulled the trigger when he meant to take out his wallet from his pocket, police said. It is not clear if Southmayd will be charged for unlawful discharge. The 56-year-old has a carry permit and had not been drinking alcohol at the time of the incident. Southmayd was treated for non-life threatening injuries at St. Vincent's Medical Center.
  29. NASHVILLE, TN, 3/24/17: A 13-year-old was injured in an accidental shooting in south Nashville Friday night. According to Metro police, it happened in the 3000 block of Nolensville Pike at 6:45 PM. Three teenagers were in a car when the 13-year-old was shot in the leg by someone else in the vehicle, Metro police said. The driver then drove to a vacant lot at 330 Wallace Road, where they called police. The victim was taken to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Metro police said Youth Services is looking into what happened. No additional information was released.
  30. AUGUSTA, GA, 3/24/17: The Richmond County Sheriff's Office has arrested a father following an accidental shooting incident involving his 6-year-old daughter. Investigators say Mark Scoggins was outside the home on Southwick Drive with friends when the child found the .357 magnum revolver. The child was reportedly unattended inside the house. The shooting happened around 5 PM on Friday, March 24, 2017. Deputies say the gun was accidentally discharged, leaving the 6 year old with minor injuries. She was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Mark Scoggins faces charges of reckless conduct for unsafe storage of the firearm. He was booked at the Richmond County jail.
  31. NIMISHILLEN TOWNSHIP, OH, 3/24/17: Deputies say a 48-year-old woman has died, after being accidentally shot while putting away weapons. Robin Lilly was putting the guns away after target practice when one of the weapons discharged. Lilly was struck one time. The shooting happened at 6550 Columbus Road NE in Nimishillen Township around 10 PM on March 24. She was transported to Mercy Medical Center, where she died from her injuries at 12:48 AM on March 25.Stark County Sheriff deputies say the shooting remains under investigation.
  32. SHREVEPORT, LA, 3/24/17: A Shreveport police officer was injured early Friday evening when he was accidentally struck by another officer's bullet intended for a dog and did not accidentally shoot himself as KSLA News 12 initially reported. The dog was reportedly charging the officers who were responding to a call about a fight on Judson street when it happened, according to SPD Cpl. Marcus Hines. Hines says the officers came upon a man believed to be involved in the incident on nearby Mertis Avenue near Frederick Street just before 6 PM. Hines says the officers reported that the man's dog, described as a pit bull, charged them as they approached. One of the officers pulled his service weapon in an attempt to shoot the dog and the other officer was struck in the right ankle or foot by the bullet. He was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening. The dog was not on a leash, according to Hines. It's not clear what happened to the dog. Hines says the shooting is under investigation. KSLA incorrectly reported that the injured officer accidentally shot himself while pulling his service weapon in an attempt to shoot the dog. The man allegedly involved in the fight has been detained, and that investigation is also ongoing.
  33. BOULDER, CO, 3/24/17: Boulder police are investigating an accidental shooting  which occurred Friday evening and left two men wounded. The incident occurred about 6:30 PM Friday at a home in the 3100 block of 5th Street. Upon arrival officers discovered two male victims, one with an arm and abdominal wound, the other with a hand wound. After the dust cleared it was determined that the two males were in an un-attached garage and the homeowner wanted to show his friend a .45 pistol that is kept in a safe in the garage. The pistol was accidently discharged, according to police, with the bullet going through the owner's hand, through his friend's arm and into his friend's abdomen. Both were transported to the hospital. Their conditions were not known on Saturday evening.
  34. BANNOCK CO., ID, 3/24/17: Authorities in eastern Idaho say a man suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg while target shooting. The Bannock County Sheriff's Office tells the Idaho State Journal that the man sustained the injury Friday evening in an area between Pocatello and Inkom. Officials say the man was taken by private vehicle to Portneuf Medical Center where emergency room staff alerted authorities. Authorities say the injury appears to be accidental and from a bullet that ricocheted. The man's name hasn't been released.
  35. FARGO, ND, 3/24/17: Lizett Torres and her family were enjoying a quiet night at their home in Fargo when they heard a loud bang. "I turn around and I see the sheetrock and carpet flying everywhere," Torres said. Torres tells us her downstairs neighbor was inspecting his new gun when it went off. The nine millimeter bullet traveled through their living room floor and the ceiling, nearly hitting their 3-year-old. "I was just scared, she was here," Torres said. The family called the police after the neighbor started pounding on the door. Torres said he told them he has a concealed carry license, which makes this incident even more surprising. "I feel scared. He said he has other firearms in his home and I’m just scared, I don't feel safe," Torres said. As gun owners, the family says they know how to handle them responsibly. "Don’t point at people, don't point it up, because if it accidentally goes off, it can land anywhere," Torres said. The family said since this incident occurred, they fear what will happen with the new gun law when it takes effect in August. "It’s just very frustrating knowing that anybody now can carry concealed," Torres said. According to Torres, the neighbor has been charged with recklessness and endangerment, something she feels is not enough. She says he's been evicted from his apartment. We reached out to the apartment management, but we haven’t received a call back.
  36. WICHITA, KS, 3/24/17: Three young people were hurt in what police said may have been an accidental shooting late Friday in Wichita. The call came just before 9 PM from the 1800 block of South Broadway, Wichita police Sgt. Nikki Woodrow said. A man, 42, was driving a van along that road with several other persons with him. An 18-year-old in the van began playing with a handgun, Woodrow said in a prepared statement. The gun went off, hitting the 18-year-old in the hand, hitting a 12-year-old boy in a leg, and hitting an 11-year-old boy in a hand. All three were taken to a hospital, Woodrow said. Charges against the 18-year-old are pending, she said.
  37. HIGH POINT, NC, 3/25/17: High Point police are investigating the death of a two-year-old boy found with a gunshot wound to the head. Police say they were called to a home at 1301 Filbert Place in response to a shooting around 4:30 PM Saturday. Officers say the boy was taken to a local hospital to receive medical treatment, but died hours later. Police say there was an adult caregiver home with the little boy at the time of the incident, but it's unclear how the boy was shot. Police have not made any arrests in this case and are not actively seeking any suspects. Police add there is no known danger to the public related to this case. The investigation is ongoing. UPDATED COVERAGE, March 26: Family and friends identified the 2-year-old killed Saturday afternoon in High Point as Benson Jones. They have established a GoFundMe to help with the unexpected funeral expenses. Friends of the family describe Benson as a tough, little guy. "He was such a character to be around with a bright smile and contagious laugh," said Stepvoni Walker, a friend of Benson's mother. "He enjoyed spending time with family, playing outside, listening and dancing to music." MORE: On Monday, police told WFMY News 2 that they believe the toddler accidentally shot himself in the head. They also say he was on the front porch with his father at the time of the shooting. Police are still investigating how Jones was able to get his hands on the gun.
  38. GREENVILLE, NC, 3/25/17: An overnight shooting in Greenville was determined to be an accident, according to Greenville Police. The incident occurred at approximately 3 AM, this morning. Officers were dispatched to Ridge Place for a shooting that happened in a moving vehicle. All four occupants of the car reported they were traveling on Hooker Road toward Ridge Place. As the driver made a right turn onto Ridge Place, a handgun belonging to the back left passenger fell to the floor. In an attempt to catch the gun, the back left passenger accidentally pressed the trigger and the gun discharged, striking the driver in the back. The driver of the car was transported to Vidant Medical Center for treatment and is expected to recover. The rear left passenger, Joshua Strong, was cited for discharging a firearm within city limits. The gun was legally owned and detectives determined there was no foul play involved.
  39. COLUMBIA, SC, 3/25/17: A child was accidentally shot at a Columbia apartment complex Saturday, according to police. The Columbia Police Department tweeted just after noon that officers had responded to Cyprus Run apartments, on Broad River Road. Initial information indicated a child found a gun that was not properly secured, police said. The 4-year-old boy was out of surgery at a local hospital and being monitored, police tweeted Saturday evening. The child’s condition was not reported by police. Additional information was not immediately available. The State Law Enforcement Division is assisting Columbia police with the investigation.
  40. ORLANDO, FL, 3/25/17: An accidental shooting inside a vehicle claimed the life of a 28-year-old man on Saturday near Lake Nona, according to Orlando police. William Luis Rodriguez was in a vehicle driving down Narcoossee Road near State Road 528 about 4 PM, said Orlando Police Lt. Carter Gowen. Somehow, a gun went off and hit Rodriguez. He was taken to the hospital where he died. Orlando police Sgt. Wanda Miglio said "all parties have been identified in the shooting" and it is an active investigation. It’s unclear if the victim was driving the vehicle or a passenger.
  41. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, 3/25/17: A 50-year-old man was arrested after he injured himself and a juvenile Saturday night in a shooting that has been ruled accidental. Virginia Beach police say a call for a gunshot wound was received around 9:40 PM. Officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound, and were told that a juvenile had been taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Both suffered non life-threatening injuries. Police say investigators determined the man was inside the home, cleaning a gun when it was accidentally discharged. A single gunshot hit him and the juvenile. The man, 50-year-old Matthew Michael Stevenson, was arrested and charged with reckless handling of a firearm.
  42. DETROIT, MI, 3/25/17: Detroit police say they're investigating an apparent accidental shooting after a 9-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the hand after finding a gun in his mother's purse. The shooting occurred shortly before 9:30 AM Saturday morning in the 5500 block of John C Lodge. The boy was taken to Detroit Children's Hospital and is expected to be ok. Child protective services is en route according to police to investigate.
  43. INDIANA, PA, 3/25/17: One person is dead, another is in critical condition and two additional people were hurt in two unrelated shootings early Saturday morning in the borough of Indiana. The shootings took place near IUP but not on campus, and none of the parties involved was a student there, said Michelle Fryling, a university spokeswoman. The first shooting occurred at 12:53 AM in the 1200 block of Philadelphia Street, according to Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Dougherty and Indiana police Chief William Sutton, who spoke at a press conference Saturday afternoon. Police gave this account: Thomas Stanko, 21, of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was walking with his cousin, Julian Cole, when they got into a confrontation with three men. Stanko pulled a pistol out of his jacket pocket and fired two warning shots and then several more shots. He wounded one of the men with gunshots to the thigh and the foot and accidentally shot his cousin in the right forearm.
  44. GALESBURG, IL, 3/25/17: The shooting death of a teen over the weekend is being investigated as an accident. According to a Galesburg police report, Evan W. Weedman, 18, Oak Street, was in a garage in the 1100 block of Bateman Street with friends at about 12:50 AM Saturday. Authorities responded there at 12:52 AM Saturday and found Weedman on his side in the garage. Witnesses told police he was “messing” with a .40-caliber handgun and accidentally shot himself in the head, the police report said. The gun was found “in close proximity” to Weedman’s right hand, a report said. Witnesses told police Weedman was not suicidal and did not make any statements about harming himself. One witness told police Weedman brought the gun with him to the residence. He was pronounced dead at Cottage Hospital. The incident remains under investigation by the Galesburg Police Department. A group of people gathered for a vigil Saturday to remember Weedman, while another vigil is scheduled for April 1. That will include a Chinese lantern release at 6 PM at Lake Storey Beach. The Regional Office of Education’s SCAT team was available for Galesburg High School students and staff Monday.

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