Friday, June 16, 2017

Workforce Development week

Robert Reich

Trump wants this to be “Workforce Development Week." It's another Orwellian effort opposite to what's really going on. In fact, Trump plans to:

1. Cut 19 percent out of the education department — which will make it harder for young people to get the skills they need to become productive workers.
2. Repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with Trumpcare, thereby denying health insurance to 23 million workers and their families (according to estimates by the Congressional Budget Office).
3. Cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy, which won’t trickle down to average workers (it didn’t when Reagan and George W. Bush made similar moves).
4. Prevent the federal minimum wage from rising to its inflation-adjusted rate, from where it was in 1968, of at least $12 an hour.
5. Reverse the Labor Department’s ruling that expanded the number of workers eligible for overtime pay.
6. Gut the Labor Department's budget for job training, causing more than a half millions adults and teenagers to lose job training opportunities next year alone.
7. Stop disclosing the names of employers and companies cited for unhealthy or dangerous workplaces.
8. Put on hold rules reducing worker exposure to beryllium, an industrial mineral linked to a lung disease, and silica, a mineral linked to a disabling lung disease as well as cancer.
9. Delay action on a rule requiring employers to electronically report workplace injuries so that they can be posted for the public.
10. Repeal a rule requiring employers to disclose they’ve hired consultants to bust unions.
Trump may be the most anti-worker president in history.


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