Friday, June 09, 2017

The White House search for a new FBI director has been 'chaotic', with 'no clear framework or logic' (hunter) · Sunday, June 04, 2017, 5:10 pm

In the wake of Donald Trump firing the FBI director heading the investigation into potential links between unprecedented Russian hacking directed at boosting his presidential campaign and members of the campaign themselves, a prime concern was whether the White House would succeed in installing a new director more amenable to curtailing those investigations—as, allegedly, Trump asked Comey to do before his dismissal.

It now looks like a more appropriate question should have been: Does the White House have the capacity to staff the position at all?

President Donald Trump is still looking for a new FBI director more than three weeks after he fired James Comey, and sources familiar with the recruiting process say it has been chaotic and that job interviews led by Trump have been brief. [...]
While the department has compiled a long list of candidates for the White House, there has been no “clear framework or logic for who was interviewed and why,” said one of the sources.

Another of the three sources described the process as chaotic and said that in one interview, Trump spoke mostly about himself and seemed distracted.

That indeed sounds like the Trump we know.

The good news here is that the longer it takes for Team Trump to fill the position, the longer the FBI's investigations can continue without an additional layer of impediment. It also appears that whether the person chosen is qualified, competent, experienced, or none of those things will be left to a roll of the dice, because nobody in the White House, from top to bottom, knows what the flying monkey hell they are doing.


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