Thursday, May 04, 2017

Turns out Trump is a lousy negotiator.

Robert Reich

In the spending agreement reached last night to keep the government funded through the end of September, Trump got rolled in 10 ways:

1. His "wall" didn't get funded. The measure puts strict limits on how Trump can use any new money for border security, and removes Trump’s authority to start building the wall under a 2006 law.
2. No funding cuts for sanctuary cities, and no money for a deportation force.
3. Non-defense domestic spending will go up, despite Trump’s insistence it shouldn't.
4. The National Institutes of Health gets a $2 billion boost, on top of the huge increase it got last year. Trump vowed to slash its funding.
5. Trump also failed to cut money for other kinds of scientific inquiry. For example, he wanted to defund the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy. Instead, it's getting a $15 million increase.
6. The EPA's budget is trimmed by just 1 percent, with no staff cuts. Trump wanted to cut the EPA by a third.
7. No cuts in funding of Planned Parenthood.
8. Trump gets less than half as much for the military as he said was necessary.
9. The measure doesn't fund the Justice Department for stopping medical marijuana in states where it has been legalized, even though Trump sought such funding.
10. Obamacare subsidies will continue.

Trump can't negotiate his way out of a paper bag. As a result, the nation will be far better off.
But don't for a moment believe we're out of danger. This budget runs only through September. Besides, Trump can and will continue to do much through executive orders. And watch out for the next vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act, which may come as early as this week.
Your activism and vigilance continue to be necessary and critical.

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