Thursday, May 18, 2017

The one acronym that explains the whole of Republican “thought”:


I’ve thrown this out to the Tumblrverse before, to little effect, but in light of Trump’s recent release of classified information to the Russians, in person, I thought I’d throw it out there again and see if it sticks:

IDWWDI. EeeDeeWeeDee.


Sure the Repubs would go crazy if Hillary smiled at a Russian, but don’t care about Trump releasing classified information to them. IDWWDI.

Sure the Repubs went crazy at budget deficits under President Obama but cared not a whit when Bush II ran up massive debt: IDWWDI.

Sure the Repubs believe in the rights of private people to have and protect their land (even public land in the case of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge), but are happy to expropriate vast amounts of land to build the fantasy wall along the Mexico border. IDWWDI.

And hey: what’s a little torture among friends? IDWWDI.


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