Monday, April 03, 2017

Three Democrats for Neil Gorsuch while GOP won stiffing Merrick Garland


Americans don't always vote for what is in their best interest. However, they do vote for those they think will have the conviction and strength. Democrats seem to need the grassroots to continuously perform spine strengthening surgery.

While the Democratic grassroots are holding strong in large numbers, some Democrats scarily decided to cower as they come out in support of Neil Gorsuch. Three Democrats as of this writing caved, Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Joe Donnelly (D-IN).

Heidi Heitkamp wrote,

"As I said after Judge Garland was nominated and I've continued to say since Judge Gorsuch was nominated, one of the most important roles of a U.S. senator is to vet nominees to fill vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court and I take that job very seriously," said Heitkamp. "After doing my due diligence by meeting with Judge Gorsuch and reviewing his record and testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I've decided to vote in favor of his confirmation. He has a record as a balanced, meticulous, and well respected jurist who understands the rule of law. He has unique and critical experience with tribal sovereignty, Indian law, and public lands issues in the west, and has received the endorsement of numerous tribes and major Native American organizations. During our meeting and at his hearing, he reinforced the importance of a judiciary that remains independent of the executive and legislative branches of government - and that acts as a proper check and balance on the other two branches of government. I expect him to follow through on that critical tenet.
"This vote does not diminish how disturbed I am by what Republicans did to Judge Garland. Senate Republicans played politics at its worst with an honorable, deeply qualified jurist - arguably the most well qualified nominee in modern history - who had long been supported by Republican and Democratic senators for his unmatched experience. His reward: Republicans refused to give him the fair consideration he deserved - not even a hearing - and his nomination was held open for almost 300 days - by far the longest for a Supreme Court nomination. But I was taught that two wrongs don't make a right. There isn't a perfect judge. Regardless of which party is in the White House, the U.S. Supreme Court should be above politics."

Joe Manchin said,

"The bottom line is I understand the Democratic Caucus is extremely upset with how Merrick Garland was treated," Manchin said. "Never, it was unprecedented. Never in history have we ever not even sat down and talk to the person who was recommended. Our job is to advise and consent. How can you advise and consent if you won't talk to a person who is recommended by a president, now matter whether it is a president you voted for or not?  So that was done. I understand the Democrats are mad. My colleagues are mad at that. The bottom line is two wrongs don't make a right."

Joe Donnely wrote,

''I have said consistently that part of my job is to carefully review, debate, and vote on judicial nominations, including nominees to the Supreme Court," Joe Donnelly's tweet said. " ... l believe that he is a qualified jurist who will base his decisions on his understanding of the law and is well-respected among his peers."

Are these guys kidding? Don't they get it? They will never get the vote from the type of citizens that blindly support Neil Gorsuch. But they will lose those voters who throw their hands up in the air noting that they are yet to find a representative willing to fight Republican intransigence where it matters.

It is true that the Republicans may destroy the filibuster to force Gorsuch’s appointment. But that is likely what would have happened for any nominee, Gorsuch’s or anyone’s going forward. By standing up now, Democrats show that they have a spine. The consequences are no different that what it would have been if they showed no spine. Showing spine will keep their supporters envigorated.

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