Saturday, April 22, 2017

This is fun: White House readies to roll the dice on a government shutdown over Trump's wall (kerry Eleveld) · Thursday, April 20, 2017, 2:03 pm

Donald Trump wants nothing more in the world than to build that "big, beautiful" nativist status symbol he promised at every campaign stop from the moment he announced his candidacy. Yes, indeedy, that border wall is emerging as so very important to the popular vote loser that his minions are willing to risk it all.

Despite the fact that Republicans have no path to securing enough GOP votes alone to pass Trump's budget priorities—funding the wall, increased defense spending, and adding more border agents—the White House is preparing to wage what amounts to a game of chicken with Democrats in advance of the April 28 deadline, writes Politico:

With almost uniform Democratic opposition to nearly all of the Trump administration's spending proposals, the fight could lead to a government shutdown next Friday — the day government spending expires, and right before the 100th day of Donald Trump's presidency. Officials could also strike a one-week compromise, giving them more time for a broader agreement.

Congressional Republicans, desperately looking to avoid a shutdown scare, are eyeing a modest increase for border security — perhaps an increase in funding for surveillance technology — and a small uptick in military spending. But two senior White House officials say they want a bigger win out of the fight, and an important deadline might help. [...]

"The CR is our biggest focus right now," one senior administration official said, referring to the continuing resolution on spending.

Perfect. That "focus" is nothing but bad news for Republicans, who have mostly been trying to ignore White House requests to both cut $18 billion in domestic spending while padding the spending bill with about $30 billion for the military, border security, and the wall.

But Democrats are vowing to walk away from any bill that includes funding for the wall or the makings of a "deportation force."


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