Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The government will run out of funding in one month and the shutdown talk has already begun

Rss@dailykos.com (joan Mccarter) · Monday, March 27, 2017, 8:36 pm

Hey, look at this! Government funding runs out in one month! The last 20 days in the House of Representatives has been absolutely bonkers. But get used to it, because you know what happens when there isn't a budget, and appropriations committees don't work, and the government has been running on a continuing resolution from the last administration? You got it, government shutdown threats.

In fact, one Republican tells Mike Allen of Axios that a shutdown is "more likely than not," and that's a problem because "Wall Street is not expecting a shutdown and the markets are unprepared."

And Chris Krueger of Cowen Washington Research Group today will warn financial clients: "Hello April 29 government shutdown." […]

A senior GOP aide disputed the bearish forecasts: "The White House and Republicans on the Hill cannot/won't risk a shutdown. Given the last week — it's out of the question."

Reality check: While the GOP may have the will, party strategists don't see the way: The bleak House GOP math remains, with no sign it'll change. And the GOP can't count on the twin hail Marys floated over the weekend: enlisting moderate Dems (as we reported yesterday), or the Congressional Black Caucus (as Jonathan Swan revealed in his Sunday-night newsletter, Sneak Peek).

That's a pretty spot-on reality check.


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