Saturday, April 08, 2017

Analyst praises the faux military intervention in Syria

I knew it wouldn't be long before the mouthpieces of the defense industrial complex got their unlimited airtime on the networks. Is Syria their new widget?

As soon as I saw the reports on Trump's attack on the airfield in Syria, I went on a rant that attracted quite a few people who agreed who concurred that they are playing us. And then those doing the defense industrial complex's bidding came out.

Brian Williams asked Kevin Baron, a national security analyst, and Defense One Executive Editor about the technicals of the Syrian attack.  Baron brushed off the question and instead went into euphoric support of Trump's actions.

"What really is more interesting to me, talking about the politics of this earlier," Baron said. "Is how this is the exact thing that a lot of security watchers and professionals, including liberals, including the Obama types, have been wanting for several years, something in between the big giant Iraq War of George W. Bush and the seemingly-do-nothing boots on the ground war of Obama or the antiseptic air war of Obama. Get in there and do something to change the calculus. And Obama just refused. He really had that high bar for intervention that he never budged on. And here we are, just two months into a new president, one major incident, and the game has changed."

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That statement says it all. Say what you may about President Obama. He did a life cost assessment, and if he believed his intervention would cost more lives, he did not act. This neocon is justifying reckless entrance into a war, into killing. I find it amazing that those who live antiseptic lives have no problem inflicting pain and suffering on others.

Williams followed up with the appropriate question. What did the faux attack get us? After all, they did not incapacitate the runways.

"It shows that the United States is willing to do it,' Baron said. "In an age of sovereignty, where sovereignty matters, it shows the Russians that the U.S. is going to do it, it shows the rest of the international community; it shows the Chinese."

This is deja vu all over again. The world did not like us then, and they won't like us again for good reason if we continue to relive our sordid past. Assad is a terrible person. But we cannot help his people militarily. We must help the Syrian refugees and let their civil war pan out. I hear an analyst make a prescient statement on one of the channels. He said none of the fighting factions could take and hold power except one, ISIS. And that is why President Obama was playing chess even as others in hold of the military-industrial complex are satisfied to play checkers.


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