Saturday, April 08, 2017

Ambassador’s tweet accidentally reveals that Trump is violating the Constitution

Laurel Raymond
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Apr 6

This is why the emoluments clause is important.

Before President Donald Trump took office, “emoluments clause” was hardly a common phrase, even in the politics- and history-obsessed city of Washington, D.C. Now that Trump is in the White House, however, the Constitution’s chief protection against foreign bribes has become one of the primary controversies of his presidency?—?and on Thursday, a Georgian ambassador inadvertently showed why.
“Great #hotel and so far the best service I’ve seen in the United States! Keep it up!” Ambassador Kaha Imnadze tweeted, accompanied by a picture from inside the Trump International Hotel in downtown D.C.
Imnadze’s tweet is not only a stark example of an emolument?—?an illegal payment from a foreign government entity to the President of the United States?—?but also an indication of the importance of this clause’s guard against corruption.

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