Friday, September 27, 2013

Privatizing our nation's security/spying.

Background checks on Snowden and Navy Yard shooter done by same private company

An image from the USIS website: 'Ensuring a Safer Future Today (R)'
Congratulations, you are SO fired. (USIS website)
Looks like somebody is going to have to hire one of those "fixers" to repair their company image:
The same federal contractor that vetted Edward Snowden, who leaked information about classified U.S. spying programs, also performed a background check that let the Washington Navy Yard shooter obtain a security clearance.

Now the contractor, USIS, is drawing fire from a U.S. senator asking how Snowden and Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis slipped through the cracks.
Being implicated in two of the biggest security eff-ups of the last year probably requires some "we're sorry" ads, maybe a new Twitter campaign, and possibly a change even to the company name (is Blackwater available, or did someone else call dibs on that one?) There's a caveat, however. The federal contractor was responsible for background checks in these two cases primarily because USIS is responsible for the majority of all background checks, period.

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