Monday, February 25, 2013

More guns = more safety from guns

The NRA likes to argue that the problem with guns in the U.S. is that there aren't enough of them. More guns means greater safety for those with guns because they can shoot other people that have guns.  Take the story below...

See, if his father had had another gun, the father could have shot the boy before he shot himself and thus saved the member of his family from shooting himself. Wait - what?

Maybe another choice is that just maybe, if the father had been required to have some gun safety training, he wouldn't have been so damn stupid as to leave a loaded revolver lying around within reach of a 4-year-old. Or maybe the gun safety instructor would have realized that the guy was too fucking stupid to own a gun and denied him a permit.

So tell me, dear reader, which of these choices do you think might have a greater success rate? Putting more guns in the hands of an imbecile, or requiring him to have gone through a licensing and training procedure? Hmm?

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