Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Now That's Funny

Every once in a while, General JC Christian hits one out of the ballpark. over on his blog, Jesus General. You may not like this post as much as I do - I loves me some crude humor and this is CRUDE. The Pastor addressed here is the bloke who is praying for the death of Barack Obama. There's also a video of the Pastor at the General's site if you're interested in more info on this topic.

Pastor Steven L. Anderson
Faithful Word Baptist Church

Dear Pastor Anderson,

I see you're catching hell because that guy who brought an AR-15 to that Obama event in Phoenix is a member of your church. I don't know why folks are so upset. So he listened to your smite Obama sermon and then took an assault rifle to an Obama speech. Big deal.

But I suspect it isn't helping your resisting arrest case. God help you if the verdict is guilty. They're certain to show the judge the video of that sermon as part of your sentencing report. Threatening the life of the President of the United States is not the kind of thing that will convince a judge to be lenient.

You need to mitigate it. You can do so by preaching a sermon condemning Obama for violating God's commandment that a man must stand when he pees. Certainly, that'd convince the judge that you had a good reason to threaten the President. Nobody likes a sitzpinkler.

You know, I bet that's why Obama refuses to allow us Birther-Americans to see his little president. He's afraid we'll notice the watermark where it dangles into the toilet. I get that sometimes with my man-grenades when I'm doing the ol' number two. You know what I mean. You sit down there and the bottom of your ol' glory sack breaks the surface of the water--sends a cold shiver right up the spine. Obama probably has the same problem with his man-thingy--you know what they say about Kenyans.

Man, I so want to see that watermark. I bet it's 2000 Flushes® blue, just like my man-marbles.

Anyway, the sermon shouldn't take a lot of prep. You just need to tweak your old "As a Man Pisseth" sermon. Change the part about the Germans. Make it Kenyans and start yelling about how God is angry because Obama refuses to pisseth against the wall.

That'll do it.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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Anonymous said...

The faithfulwordbaptist email address is full, probably all hate mail. For those that don't want to feel left out and want to send him a love letter here's a previously registered address for the lunatic pastor's alternative Fire Alarm biz... sanderson1611@gmail.com. Enjoy.