Thursday, September 10, 2009

Justice Can Be Swift - On Joe Wilson

From Boing Boing where you can find a video, links and some additional information.

Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Republican who screamed out "You lie!" last night during Barack Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress, has apologized, and Obama has accepted. Maybe they should have a beer?

Poor Joe Wilson was not ready for the spotlight. In the 18 hours since he attempted to turn a ceremonial speech to Congress into a WWF rally, he has:

* Been revealed as a deadbeat whose debts could very well exceed his assets and a liar (that word!) who failed to report assets on his last congressional disclosure.

* Been revealed as a secessionist dead-ender who fought to the last to keep the Confederate Flag flying over the South Carolina statehouse.

* And turned in, as Talking Points Memo notes, one of the shakiest post-apology news conferences in the history of politics, throwing off flopsweat of Nixonian proportions.

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