Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wonkette Has Great News Reports

I love this stuff. Despite the language and the sarcasm, they do great news reporting over there.

This is as awesome as news gets: Pat Buchanan is going to run for the Senate from Virginia. Maybe. If there is a god. This dude reports today that Pat’s “being discussed as a possible candidate,” and unlike other GOP hopefuls Tom Davis and Jim Gilmore, Pat is a total fucking nutjob who says any crazy thing that pops into his head, regardless of whether it leads to people accusing him of hating, say, black people or Jews (just like his old boss, Richard “Greatest American Hero” Nixon).

Pat hasn’t really been taken seriously by anyone in 11 years but he’s kept sort of in the public eye, occasionally putting out books about how he hates Bush and appearing on Fox News to shout nonsense at Rachel Sklar, have Vietnam flashbacks, and accuse Nancy Pelosi of being a pedophile.

From Wonkette

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