Saturday, September 29, 2007

She's Not That Way

Hillary Clinton denied rumors posted by the right-wing douchebags of the world that she's a lesbian.

While Mrs. Senator Clinton doesn’t share a house with another woman, has never been caught soliciting sex from women in a bathroom, has never been accused of molesting pages or junior staffers, and has yet to be caught strangling a mistress or hiring hookers or divorcing her spouse in the hospital or during a press conference, a strange group of angry old white people — who, with the notable exception of Richard Mellon Scaife, are all kind of poor and fat — have spent the past two decades obsessed with “Hitlary” and her many crimes against nature and god, such as supposedly being a lesbian (because any woman married to a man who has affairs automatically “becomes” teh gayz) and murdering dozens of people, mostly brave Arkansas state troopers and Vince Foster.

It's an interesting little article - well written - at Wonkette.

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