Friday, March 31, 2006

It Has Gotten So Bad...

...even the Conservatives can't stand the asshole.
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George W. Bush should outrage any Conservative worth his salt.
GW began his presidency speaking the rhetoric of limited-government and professing the values of traditional Conservatism. He came into office promising not to undertake the “nation building” of Bill Clinton, while vowing never to commit troops without a clear “exit strategy.”

He was going to be the “compassionate conservative.” He sold himself as a leader who would be able to unite Americans and not divide them. Instead, the country’s now more divided than anytime since the Civil War, and true conservatives are finally seeing Bush, not as the inheritor of Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, but as the radical right wing neo-con ideologue he truly is.

With double-speak that would make George Orwell blush, Bush has proposed policies based not on what was best for the country, but rather on what the polls suggested people wanted to hear. A forest policy designed to give more access to loggers was called the “Healthy Forests” bill, while his effort to reduce air quality standards was titled the “Clear Skies” act.

In fact, while Bush tries to talk the talk of conservative values, the walk he has walked, with the policies he and his Republican Congress have implemented, has completely contradicted his phony professed values.

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