Sunday, September 17, 2017

Trump and the Democrats

Robert Reich

Chuck Schumer says Trump is working with him because Trump “likes” him. Wrong. Trump is working with Schumer because:
A. He’s angry with Republican leaders and wants to show them he can invite Democratic leaders to the White House for dinner, and make “deals” with them, too.
B. Trump wants to keep everyone off balance by not having any consistent positions on anything or loyalties to anyone.
C. Trump has the attention span of a fruit fly and doesn’t even remember what he said about DACA or the Mexican wall, so he’s happy to make new commitments about them because they’ll also go up in smoke.
D. Trump loves headlines like the one that says Chuck Schumer thinks Trump likes him, because these sorts of headlines are really funny.
E. Trump doesn't know what to do about North Korea, he has no idea of where to go on tax reform, hasn't a clue about next steps on the Affordable Care Act, and doesn't want more headlines about his son and son-in-law and Russian agents, so he'd rather reporters to write stories about DACA, his Mexican wall, and rapprochement with Democrats.
[Answer: A, B, C, D, and E]


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