Thursday, February 09, 2017

After sex scandal and SNL debacle, Donald Trump already on his third Communications Director

By Bill Palmer | February 7, 2017 | 0

It’s safe to say that Sean Spicer the first person to ever lose the title of White House Communications Director based on how he was portrayed on Saturday Night Live, but he’s not even the first person to lose that title during Donald Trump’s brief administration. The White House now says Spicer will be demoted to just Press Secretary and that someone new is being hired from the outside to become what will be Trump’s third White House Communications Director.

The title of White House Communications Director was originally given to Trump advisor Jason Miller, but he “quit” the job before even getting to the White House, just two days after he had been announced for the role. This came after another Trump advisor, A.J. Delgado, publicly accused the married Miller of being her “baby daddy.” That’s when Sean Spicer, who was already in line to be White House Press Secretary, was also named his own boss when he was given the additional of Communications Director.

 But as we reported earlier, Donald Trump soured on Spicer after seeing him portrayed by a woman on Saturday Night Live, which the sexist Trump viewed as “weak” according to his own staff. Now CNN says that he’s taking the Communications Director title away from Spicer, who will apparently still do the briefings as Press Secretary, and bringing in what will be his third Communications Director in less than a month.

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