Sunday, January 01, 2017

What cronyism looks like: Trump invents new government post for his company's top lawyer (hunter) · Wednesday, December 28, 2016, 3:55 pm

One of the hallmarks of government or corporate cronyism is inventing new paying jobs for your personal buddies because hey, that swamp ain't gonna spread itself.

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed his longtime corporate lawyer Jason Greenblatt to a new position as special representative for international negotiations in the Trump administration.
Greenblatt is currently the chief legal officer of the Trump Organization, Trump’s sprawling real estate and licensing company, where he represents Trump’s business interests in domestic and international negotiations.

The newly invented jobs are often a bit fuzzy, in terms of actual supposed duties, or are so broadly defined that your good friend can feel free to dabble in pretty much anything he wants to and still claim he’s doing, well, something.

In his announcement, Trump seemed to leave the door open for Greenblatt to be involved in a wide range of issues. “His talents lend themselves perfectly to the role I have asked him to play, assisting on international negotiations of all types, and trade deals around the world,” Trump said in a statement.

It's sometimes not even clear where—or if—the newly hired pal is expected to show up for work. Or who he's supposed to report to.

It was also unclear whether Greenblatt’s position would be based in the White House, or within another federal agency.

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