Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting beyond Trump

Robert Reich

A Washington insider told me this morning not to worry. “Trump will just be another conservative president, like Reagan and George W. We’ll get through it.”

Wrong. Normalizing Trump is dangerous, because Trump isn’t normal. And his presidency is unlikely to be "just another conservative" presidency. Consider:

1. At every stage of the campaign – when he officially declared his candidacy, when he became the presumptive nominee, and when he was elected -- we were told Trump would stop his hateful, lying rants. He still hasn’t. Even as President-elect he’s already tweeting vindictive lies about the New York Times and about the cast of “Hamilton.” What happens when he has control over the IRS and FBI?
2. His picks are already a Who’s-Who of racist extremists. For Attorney General he wants Jeff Sessions – a man who dismisses the Voting Rights Act, opposes immigration reform and sentencing reform, and whom a Republican Senate found unfit to be a federal judge because of racist statements and actions.
3. For CIA director he’s picked Mick Pampeo – a Koch-brothers favorite who wants to expand secret surveillance of Americans and reopen “black-site” torture centers, and hates the Iran nuclear deal.
4. For National Security Advisor he’s picked Michael Flynn -- who says it’s “rational” to fear Muslims, and that Islam is an ideology more than a religion.
5. For chief strategist he’s picked Stephen Bannon – a man with a record of racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic publishing.
Warning: Don’t be in denial. Trump is a clear and present danger to America and the world. Prepare yourself for the peaceful resistance. Now. (See my suggestions on this page.)

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