Sunday, July 26, 2015

Examining the conservative posts

Republicans/conservatives/right-wingers (whatever the word of the day shall be) are masters at crafting messages short on fact, long on clever wording.

Note how fetus becomes "unborn children" - whether it is just sperm or egg, two-celled zygote or viable human capable of living outside it's mother's womb. It all gets lumped into one category and not moving that cell or those cells to life is somehow "killing" an unborn child. There's not enough science in that concept to even be worthy of a fourth-grader in a decent school. Note any lack of reference as to how any unwanted children are to be cared for once they are born. Food stamps? Nah! Health care if they are not healthy when they are born? Nah. Housing if the parents are too poor to afford a decent place to live? Nah. A decent public education? Nah!

But putting that notion aside, let's move on to the claim that Democrats won't help fight wars. Words without meaning. President during WW II? Democrat FDR. President during the Vietnam War? JFK. Current Secretary of State John Kerry served in Vietnam. But what about the brave Republicans? Dick Cheney - deferment. President George W. Bush? Served stateside and went AWOL from that easy service.

As I said, no basis in fact for any of this poster - just words put together to make conservative noise. As is often my point when examining Republican messaging - the thinking involved is shallow - very shallow indeed.

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