Monday, January 21, 2013

The economy and the wealth gap

Like anyone else, I like to find opinion pieces that reinforce my beliefs. I have stated before, in this blog, and will say again that a major problem with the US, even the world, economy is the redistribution of wealth into the hands of a few people and corporations. But, even as I write this, little is being done to correct the problem.

From Daily Kos...

Joseph Stiglitz looks at how the widening income gap is making it harder to get the economy rolling again.

Politicians typically talk about rising inequality and the sluggish recovery as separate phenomena, when they are in fact intertwined. Inequality stifles, restrains and holds back our growth. When even the free-market-oriented magazine The Economist argues - as it did in a special feature in October - that the magnitude and nature of the country's inequality represent a serious threat to America, we should know that something has gone horribly wrong. And yet, after four decades of widening inequality and the greatest economic downturn since the Depression, we haven't done anything about it. ...
Our skyrocketing inequality - so contrary to our meritocratic ideal of America as a place where anyone with hard work and talent can "make it" - means that those who are born to parents of limited means are likely never to live up to their potential. Children in other rich countries like Canada, France, Germany and Sweden have a better chance of doing better than their parents did than American kids have. More than a fifth of our children live in poverty - the second worst of all the advanced economies, putting us behind countries like Bulgaria, Latvia and Greece.

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