Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Romeny the winner!

Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses yesterday by 8 votes - 25% of all votes cast - just over 30,000 votes total. It got me thinking - and maybe that's dangerous.

Let's assume that American voters are 50% Republican - 50% Democrats - and that Iowa is representative of all America - just for the sake of argument. Now that means that Mitt's support is only 1/4th of Republican voters and only 1/8th of all American voters. Doesn't seem too impressive, does it?

Seen another way, let's assume that the population of the U.S. is 300,000,000 (3 hundred million) people - it is actually more than that, but just for the ease of doing the math, please agree with me. He got 30,000 votes which amounts to 0.01% of the population of our country. That's one one-hundreth of one percent of the population.

And what prompted my analysis is that Mitt was all over the morning shows today crowing like he'd won a major victory! Only 1/4th of the votes cast - not even a decent plurality - and he's declaring war on President Obama! Just 30,000 votes!

I don't care who he is inside - or what he really believes - for him to act like a major winner under these circumstances shows us that Mitt has one huge case of self-infatuation - a set of balls bigger than all of New York City. I have a real problem with people whose ego is that huge. A little humility would impress me a whole lot more.

Just saying.

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