Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The really bad in the Trumpcare CBO report? Social Security will save $3 billion because dead people (joan Mccarter) · Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 1:16 pm

Talk about your good news, bad news scenarios!
So, uh, not to be morbid, but why does the CBO project that Social Security outlays would fall by $3 billion?
— Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) March 13, 2017
There it is, as Fuller later tweets, on page 33 of the report, footnote f. Which maybe should garner a little bit more focus than just a footnote, yes?

Because, yes, people could die because of Trumpcare.

Approximately 17,000 people could die in 2018 who otherwise would have lived if a House Republican health proposal endorsed by the Trump administration becomes law. By 2026, the number of people killed by Trumpcare could grow to approximately 29,000 in that year alone.

That's based on calculations ThinkProgress has done using the numbers in the CBO report plugged into a study that estimates the change in Massachusetts mortality rates after that state enacted the health law that Obamacare was largely modeled after. It found that one death was prevented for every 830 adults aged 20-64 who was covered. From there the math is straightforward: "Fourteen million divided by 830 equals 16,867 people potentially sentenced to die by Trumpcare. By 2026, if the CBO's estimate is correct, that number could rise to 28,916 deaths in one year."

Not that this will spare Social Security from Paul Ryan's zeal to destroy everything good that government has ever done. But it's something.


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