Monday, February 13, 2017

This week in science: know your enemy, know your friends (darksyde) · Saturday, February 11, 2017, 8:22 pm

The usual enemies of science are once again frothing at the mouth at another ginned up science controversy, this time involving global temperature records. But now they have the full power of the House Committee on pseudoscience led by GOP clown extraordinaire Lamar Smith and the most anti-science, fantasy-based WH in modern history behind them. Here is some background:

The record data that Bates takes umbrage with showed roughly the same amount of warming as the old record. And the evidence that the Karl paper cites as to why there’s no hiatus is based on ocean temperatures—not land. A government source who does not wish to be named emphasized that there is no evidence or even a credible suggestion that NOAA falsified data in the Karl et al (K15) study. And even if Bates' critiques were valid—and given that this methodology, after much peer review, is now the default way that NOAA calculates land temperatures, his complaints seem problematic—it doesn't upend the study's conclusion.

The senior NOAA scientist that purportedly “blew the whistle” on climate science was actually trying to make a much less dramatic and far more subtle point about how the organization utilized data points collected from land versus those collected by sea. But per usual, his words have been seized on by climate change apologists writing in wingnut tabloids, spun into a vague and convoluted yarn, and are now well on the way to becoming a permanent part of right-wing pseudoscientific lore.


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