Sunday, February 05, 2017

Surprise—Trump's lobbying 'ban' weakens rules Obama had in place (kerry Eleveld) · Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 7:20 pm

Donald Trump will have stronger rules against lobbying than President Obama did, said no one ever. 

Isaac Arnsdorf writes:

President Donald Trump's much-hyped ban on administration officials becoming lobbyists removed some of President Barack Obama's ethics rules instead of strengthening them.

Trump's ethics pledge, issued as an executive order on Saturday, includes a five-year "lobbying ban" that falls short of its name, preventing officials from lobbying the agency they worked in for five years after they leave, but allowing them to lobby other parts of the government.

The order also lets lobbyists join the administration as long as they don't work on anything they specifically lobbied on for two years. Obama's order from 2009, which Trump revoked, blocked people who were registered lobbyists in the preceding year from taking administration jobs.

President Obama's order also prohibited all administration officials from reaching out to their former agencies for two years after their departure from their posts. Remember all those Obama-era scandals? Nope—and neither does the architect of Obama’s ethics rules, Norm Eisen.

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