Monday, February 13, 2017


FishOutofWater writes—Climate Crisis: North Pole Temp is 50 F Above Normal & Arctic Sea Ice Volume is Collapsing: “Polar weather has been far warmer this winter than any winter on record, shocking scientists who are watching sea ice volume decline to record lows for the date. Winds have driven large amounts of the oldest ice out of the Arctic while the weather has been far too warm for months for the ice to thicken like it normally does by February. And now the north pole is fifty degrees F above normal. Again. The polar vortex has been wobbling like a lopsided football all winter sending warm air towards the pole from the  Atlantic, then the Pacific, and back again, while the cold air has escaped to the west Pacific by way of Siberia and to western Atlantic by way of Canada. Surges of warm winds and storm waves have driven back the sea ice edges repeatedly on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the Arctic. The ice is extraordinarily thin across most of the Arctic ocean.”wip

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