Sunday, February 12, 2017

Insanity in the WH. (greg Dworkin) · Saturday, February 11, 2017, 7:18 am

I get that Trump voters wanted to send a message. They thought the messenger didn’t matter. But this president is insane, mad as a hatter. And there are too few Republicans willing to admit it.

Andrew Sullivan/New York Magazine:

I think this is a fundamental reason why so many of us have been so unsettled, anxious, and near panic these past few months. It is not so much this president’s agenda. That always changes from administration to administration. It is that when the linchpin of an entire country is literally delusional, clinically deceptive, and responds to any attempt to correct the record with rage and vengeance, everyone is always on edge.

There is no anchor any more. At the core of the administration of the most powerful country on earth, there is, instead, madness.

Greg Sargent/WaPo:

Two of the biggest news stories of the moment — the court’s remarkable rebuke to President Trump’s immigration ban on Thursday night, and the continuing controversy over Kellyanne Conway’s staging of a White House commercial for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line — together suggest that something with potentially lasting significance may be happening right now.


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